Thursday, October 16, 2008

Heron Update

The herons have been particularly active in 2008. My guess is that there are more herons on the lake this year than in other years (see previous post).

During the last month, I've twice been privy to blue heron fish feasts. Attached is a sequence of pictures followed by a video documenting the two incidents. In the first, the heron swallows a sizable crappie (or calico bass), and follows it up with a lake water chaser. The pictures were taken while sitting in a plastic Adirondack chair in the front yard.

The second incident occurred this morning. These pictures, including the video, were taken from my living room.

As the picture window curtains parted, a heron flew to a mat of weeds about 10 feet off shore with what was easily identifiable with the naked eye as a pickerel. The telephoto lens confirms the size.

It was one big fish, an estimated 12-14 inches, gap mouthed and showing rows of sharp teeth. It took the heron at least 15 minutes to subdue it.

A full memory card prevented the filming of the final gulp. After the drama, I brewed my coffee and chowed down on oat bran cereal.

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